The text tells us about

Berikut ini Jawaban Soal Sekolah Tentang The text tells us about

12. The text tells us about ….

a. the development of newspaperb. the general information of newspaperc. the history of newspaperd. the newspaper’s contentse. the inventors of newspaper13. Which one is true about headline?a. It is the title of the most important article.b. It is the most important newsc. It is the content printed larger than common letters.d. It is an interesting article.e. It is the daily news.14. Newspaper is called daily news because ….a. it issues the latest newsb. it only has twenty pagesc. it is published everydayd. it is printed in common letterse. it has headline15. “It also consists of many current issues in general.” (Paragraph 2)The underlined word is similar in meaning with ….a. old-fashionedb. out-to-datedc. up-and-comingd. out-and-oute. up-to-date​

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