Inilah Fitur Fitur Rahasia Facebook & Aplikasi Edit Foto Khusus Pengguna FB
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Inilah Fitur Fitur Rahasia Facebook & Aplikasi Edit Foto Khusus Pengguna FB

Even though many users have left Facebook and then switched to an application that is considered more popular, namely Instagram, it turns out that there are still very many who use Facebook today, even Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media applications for users. Well, for those of you who are still using it. Facebook as a place to exist, you must use a special photo editing application for Facebook that will help you make the photos you upload more attractive. In order to get maximum results, you must edit photos as creatively as possible using the best photo editing application.


1. Swipa

The first application that will technohits recommendations for you is Swipa. You can upload photos from Facebook so that fellow Swipa users can like your photos. The more photos you upload, the better your chances of getting likes. There, you will compete with fellow Swipa users to be ranked first. Then, how do you reach the top position? Of course, by giving likes and comments on other people’s posts, gang!


2. Get More Likes + Followers Hashtag

The next application that technohits will recommend for you is Get More Likes + Followers Hashtags. This application can increase likes by providing recommendations for the most relevant hashtags for your posts. If you want to try this application, please download the application in the table section, bro!

As a marketing tool, Facebook pages and Facebook ads can be a medium to interact with customers so that you can get money from Facebook. Not only that, you can promote various types of posts, from articles, images, to videos. FB also has several unique features that can be used as a marketing tool, including:


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Feature feature Secret Facebook


Pages to watch

This feature will allow you to monitor competitors’ pages, so you can devise new strategies to make your merchandise more marketable.

Analyticc apps

This feature helps you to analyze how people’s habits are in using Facebook.

Facebook messenger for Business

This Facebook marketing feature allows other people to ask questions about your page and you can respond quickly.

Detailed analytics

You can see how the detailed analysis of your posts, from reach to the number of likes and comments. By knowing how your post is performing, you can create a more effective post in the future.