What is the letter about

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a. What is the letter about?

The letter is about recommending someone for an internship in some institution, Elizabeth Zane achievement and character, and why Agung Susanto recommended Elizabeth Zane to be internship.

b. Who is the letter addressed to?

The letter is addressed to Ms. Ruby Marianne.

c. What relationship between Agung Susanto and Elizabeth Zane?

According to the text, They have teacher or lecturer and student relationship.

d. What is the second paragraph in the letter about?

The second paragraph tells us about Elizabeth Zane achievement and her character.

e. What is the purpose of the letter?

The purpose of the text is to recommend someone for an internship in some institution.

f. What competition did Zane participate in?

She participated in National Forecasting Competition.


Letter is a part of reading comprehension’s subject that we learn on high school. Letter is some written message to tell something to the reader. In letter, the question will be above purpose of the letter, information on the letter, topic or mind idea of letter, etc. So, how can we finished all the question like that.

1. How to solve question about “purpose of letter”

This is the simple step to finished the question

  1. You don’t need to read the letter first, you need to read the question first
  2. Read and understanding the letter
  3. Find “what is the writer want to tell to the reader
  4. After you get what the writer’s want, you can make a conclusion about what the writer want
  5. Then, you can make the purpose of the letter from the conclusion

2. How to solve question about “information on the letter”

To solve correctly the question about that, there are steps that we must followed.

  1. Read the question first
  2. Find out “what kind of information the question want us to find out“, for example the question (c) on this task. The question want us to find out the relationship between Agung Susanto and Elizabeth Zane
  3. Then, find out the information through the letter

3. How to solve question about “Topic or mind idea”

To solve and answer the type of question like this, we must follow this steps.

  1. Read the question firstly
  2. After you sure that the question ask about topic of the text (ex : what is the letter about, what the letter tell us about, etc), read and understanding each paragraph of letter
  3. You can take a conclusion by read each paragraph
  4. Some of letter can we take a topic of the letter by read and understanding only one paragraph but some of letter need to read and understanding all the paragraph but in another side, there is time limit so your speed understanding need to trained

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Grade = 11

Subject = English Language

Category = Reading Text

Keyword = letter

Code = 11.5.1 [Grade 11 English Language Unit-1 Reading Text]


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